The power of DatixCloudIQ

As healthcare organisations continue to grow and expand their services, so does the probability that medical errors and patient safety events might occur.

To safeguard from issues that might arise from continued progress, it is critical that organisations invest in tools designed to minimise risk, evaluate potential obstacles, and implement strategies for identifying and rectifying oversights.

DatixCloudIQ presents healthcare organisations with a comprehensive system for resolving issues and preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future. Through a five-step strategy toolkit, DatixCloudIQ ensures that organisations not only fix errors, but also memorise all contributing factors of an incident for future evaluation.

The Five Toolkits

Designed to be operated through a continuous cycle, the strategy toolkit employed by DatixCloudIQ uses five steps to ensure constant operational improvement.

Capture: This initial step allows organisations to gather pertinent information regarding incidents such as patient feedback, claims, and mortality review. The information collected through this step is uploaded to a shared database through the use of the Datix Anywhere app, which allows information to be uploaded easily and simply from smartphones and other mobile devices.

Evaluate: Information gathered through the first step in this process is then evaluated to uncover possible contributing factors. Recommendations for preventing similar issues in the future are then presented and documented.

Strategy: This stage of the toolkit analyses recommendations in order to create strategies for improvement, which are then moved forward for implementation.

Implement: It is during this stage in the DatixCloudIQ toolkit that change is implemented and ingrained in the memory of the organisation. Additionally, this step allows for tasks to be assigned to improve strategies and provides a complete update of all guidelines and policies to reflect this change.

Assess: Finally, strategies identified throughout the first four stages are measured to ensure their effectiveness and that staff follow them accurately. Any new information uncovered during this final stage is fed back into the toolkit for further evaluation.

Organisations are, in many ways, alive – their parts are constantly moving and evolving to reach new goals and accomplish new tasks. Just like the movements of a living organism, progress made by organisations is subject to the occasional fault or misstep. It is not these faults that define the successes and failures of an organisation, but rather the means by which faults are recognised, catalogued, and resolved. Through DatixCloudIQ, healthcare organisations can greatly improve problem-solving strategies and ensure that their footing moving forward remain as true as possible.

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