Secure reporting of patient data over mobile devices

January 30, 2020 Polly Kirk

Screenshot of DatixCloudIQ on reporting patient data

Data Protection within any business is paramount, and no one understands this more than RLDatix. Within the NHS, Pharmacy, social care and many other sectors, there are important data protection legislations in place that must be adhered to in order to safeguard information and keep it secure. But is this enough to reassure people that they don’t need to worry about the security of their data when reporting it through a mobile device?

With the increasing amount of mobile technology being deployed into the UK workforce in a bid to make processes and people operate as effectively and efficiently as possible; it is understandable that there is some apprehension about the security of data when using mobile devices to report incidents and manage risk effectively.  

With that said, there is a genuine need for using mobile technology in conjunction with new innovative technologies within these sectors, so that the services and standards can be optimised and improved. New technologies for patient safety and risk management promote a culture of learning by recording, investigating, and analysing risk and the specific incidents that occur.  

Datix Anywhere
Incident reporting plays a key role in a culture of learning. Datix Anywhere makes it easier than ever to report incidents when they happen, from anywhere they occur. 

Datix Anywhere is an easy to use mobile app that enables anyone to report an incident on a mobile device at the touch of a button. It can help increase the number of incidents reported, support engagement with staff and ensure incidents are investigated as soon as possible. Staff working remotely can log incidents as soon as they occur, rather than having to wait until they are on site or in front of a PC. 

How Does Datix Ensure Secure Transfer of Data?
RLDatix uses third-party authentication software in order to ensure the user who is logging on has permission to do so.  

Any data that is transmitted using the device is fully encrypted. There is no way for this data to be intercepted during transit from the device through to the relevant secure server, where it is then decrypted and recorded in the system. Any of the voice files or photographs cannot be accessed outside of the app, whatsoever. Nor can a user upload a photo from their photo gallery or access photos that are taken with the app as part of the incident reporting process. 

As soon as the information has been sent, it is then automatically deleted from the device.

With Datix Anywhere, the intention of the app is to make the reporting of safety incidents quick and straightforward, with an overall goal of helping organisations to improve patient safety and reduce the risks within their environments.  An incident should not go unreported because of technology restrictions or because they don’t have access to a PC at the point in time the incident occurs.

With RLDatix, we provide a functional and intuitive tool to increase patient safety and reduce risk within the organisation. 

Security Built Around Your Business
Before any new technology is implemented, it must first go through rigorous checking to ensure that it can meet the standards and regulations as set out by the relevant governing authorities. Technologies are developed with strict compliance standards ingrained within their makeup. Simply put, we have designed the Datix Anywhere software around the exacting security standards that are needed within such organisations.

What If a Mobile Device is Lost or Stolen?
The data is never stored locally on the device. It is transmitted securely and then deleted from the device. If a device is lost, information cannot be retrieved from the device.

The layered approach to security is the first point to highlight. No longer is a single password access requirement enough. There are always secondary and tertiary checks in place. Secondly, the data does not reside on the device, it is accessed via the device, but sits centrally on a private and secure network, just like a PC would do. 

More Effective, More Efficient, More Secure 
The information that is collected provides the foundations for creating a safer, more efficient and better all-round service delivery, whatever organisation it is applied within. 

Think about the traditional approach with paperwork and PCs.  

• How much time is lost inputting data into the PC?
• How much paperwork could potentially go astray?
• What information is omitted from entries because the relevant questions were not asked? 

The benefits are real, they are demonstrated, and they are compelling. 

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