West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust moves to DCIQ

August 17, 2021 RLDatix Marketing

We recently chatted to West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust to find out what the driving force was behind their decision to move to DatixCloudIQ (DCIQ). Read on to discover their key goals for the system and the new features they are most looking forward to utilising. 

1. What are the key drivers for West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust to move to DatixCloudIQ (DCIQ)?

One of the key drivers for us to make the move to DCIQ was to make sure the Trust is aligned with the NHS Patient Safety Strategy, which promotes the use of new digital technologies to support learning from positive and adverse instances of care, as well as the ‘cloud first’ government policy. We also wanted to take steps to ensure we are futureproofed to accommodate upcoming changes, such as the new Learn From Patient Safety Events (LFPSE, formerly PSIMS) system and the new Medical Examiner role. 
We've been eager to move to DCIQ for some time, after some delays due to the pandemic, we're excited for the future move. 

2. Which RLDatix modules is West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust going to be using?

The Trust will be utilising:
  • Capture event data with: Incidents, Feedback, Claims, Dashboards and the Datix Anywhere mobile app
  • Evaluate event data with: Enterprise Risk Manager and Investigations
  • Devise improvement strategies with: Recommendations & Controls and Safety Learnings
  • Implement quality improvements with: Safety Alerts
  • Centrally report and analyse trends with: Analytics and Reporting tool

3. What are the key features West Hertfordshire is most looking forward to utilising in DCIQ?

There are a couple of key features that we're most looking forward to utilising:
  • The analysis and reporting tool: The advanced reporting and analysis tools in DCIQ are going to provide us with a comprehensive view of all data across the entire organisation, allowing us to more easily identify trends and understand where improvements can be made. The adaptable reporting, automated alerts and trend analysis on both historical and anticipated data is going to allow us to be proactive in our patient safety and risk management efforts. 
  • Mobile incident reporting functionality: The time it takes for an incident to be reported can vary greatly for us. DCIQ’s mobile optimisation will provide our staff the opportunity to report incidents straight away, from any device, no matter where they are. This will increase the quality of information captured, providing us more data to analyse to spot themes and trends and introduce mitigatory actions. 

4. What organisational goals is DCIQ going to support?

West Hertfordshire Hospitals have two key goals:
  • Get Ahead of the Game: With the new Learn From Patient Safety Events (LFPSE, formerly PSIMS) system being developed as the new central service for recording and analysis of patient safety events, we were keen to get ahead of the game and make sure we have everything in place, ready to support the new process when it is introduced. DCIQ has already achieved full compliance with LFPSE and its configurability will allow us to easily adapt to the new reporting requirements.
  • Streamline Processes: Efficient and clear workflows and processes are key to providing the best quality of care for patients. Moving to DCIQ, is going to enable us to break down silos of data and provide a holistic view of all event data across the organisation, enabling us to clearly track the impact the changes and improvements we are putting in place are having. The move to DCIQ also provides access to the latest cloud technology, alleviating internal administrative burdens and ensuring we always have access to leading functionality and updates.  

5. Final thoughts from Liz Bennett, Datix Project and Development Manager

“With a delay due to the pandemic, the move to DCIQ is a highly anticipated one and the team are very much looking forward to introducing the system. There is currently no other comparable product in the market that will support the Trust to meet their strategic goals, helping us to prioritise patient safety and support staff in providing the safest care possible.”
Chat to us to discover how DCIQ can help you meet your organisational goals. 
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