Risk Monthly Round Up | January 2024

February 29, 2024

Risk Monthly Round Up | January 2024

This edition marks our first ever Risk Monthly Round up, with a look back on everything that has gone on with both DCIQ and DatixWeb, and our customers over the past month. 

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This month, we announced our full schedule for our Risk User Groups across the whole of 2024. We will be running a session in both Manchester and London every 3 months, starting at the end of February. Here’s some of the feedback from the November sessions: 

“This was a very enjoyable day and I took a lot away from it especially the LFPSE afternoon session and networking.” 

“Very informative and interesting content. Every presenters was on point.” 

“It was good to see people in real life rather than via Teams. I found the discussions around future development of Datix helpful.” 

We will also be holding 2 User Groups in Northern Ireland and Scotland in March, full information on where and how you can attend these sessions will be released next month, so stay tuned! 

If you would like to present your DCIQ or DatixWeb success story or share best practice, we are also looking for customer speakers to share your stories at these User Groups on how you have been seeing success, whether it’s DCIQ, DatixWeb, LFPSE or PSIRF, or anything else to do with our software! If you have a story you would like to share at one of these sessions, please email max.barker@rldatix.com. 

Book your place here!

We have created a whole new LFPSE digital HUB, to bring you all the up-to-date news and RLDatix resources to help you continue your LFPSE journey.  

Whether you’re still implementing the system and need access to our implementation guides, or if you’re live with LFPSE and aiming to improve your forms or processes, our LFPSE Hub will be the go to place for you to find out information and links to our resources on LFPSE. 

Access the new LFPSE Hub

NHS England are currently in the final steps of consultation, and it is looking likely that the deadline to go live with both LFPSE and PSIRF will be April 2023.

We will keep you updated with any news, but you can read more information on this post on the NHS Futures platform. 

Proposed PSIRF Requirements in the 2024 national NHS contract – NHS Patient Safety – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform 

We are happy to say we have now hit over 60 DCIQ and DatixWeb customers that have gone live with LFPSE!  

If you are still going live with LFPSE and require any support from us, please reach out directly to your Account Manager, who will be happy to support you. 

In December, we launched the first phase in our program to update our Support Telephone system and number. The new changes allow us to monitor incoming calls, utilise a new reporting capability to help us plan to cover ‘Hot Spots’, and even train new starters by enabling them to listen to calls. 

Phase 2 will see future enhancements to our Support Telephone service to make sure the service is best placed to support you when you need it.  

The majority of these changes are in the back-end, however, if you do require support for either DCIQ or DatixWeb, you can reach us on our new, completely toll free number 0800 358 94 93. 

Thank you for reading our first edition of our Monthly Round Ups. We hope you will find these useful as a way to catch up on all important news from the last month.

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