Support your patient safety efforts with effective policy management

July 29, 2020 RLDatix Marketing

Why is policy management so important?

Issues with policies and procedures are commonly identified as contributing factors to events. In many cases, these important documents are also identified as root causes to events that are captured in the RLDatix system. Whether it be an outdated policy that guides staff to perform obsolete steps, missing policies that have staff act without standard guidance or conflicting policies, these instances can all contribute to adverse events, complaints, infections and claims within an organisation.

Policy management at your fingertips 

The new policy management module from RLDatix shortens the distance between frontline staff and important care information. From single hospitals to multi-site organisations, RLDatix PolicyStat helps ensure your policies and procedures are in one easily accessible library and always kept current.  

Simplify your policy management workflow in the cloud with RLDatix PolicyStat

Standardised Content
RLDatix converts your policies and procedures into formatted web pages to ensure consistency across the organisation.
•      Standardise policy content and styling across locations
•      Reflect policy revisions automatically across all sites
•      Share a policy across multiple locations, as applicable

Streamlined Search Capabilities
Use our powerful search engine to quickly and efficiently retrieve information from your policy library.  
•      Powerful search-as-you-type technology  
•      Rapidly displays information users need 
•      Every word of every document is searchable 

Clinical Procedures Integration and Compliance Support 
Deliver excellent patient care by keeping your policies up to date and linking policies directly to procedures.  
•      Receive automated email alerts and notifications when policies need reviewing
•      Group and tag documents to standards and regulations to help track compliance  
•      Search 3rd party evidence-based procedures and skills directly within the system

Approval workflow 
Stay updated on the status of all policies in your library. Reduce risks and eliminate surprises by keeping policies current and easy to find. 
•      Automated review & approval process 
•      Collaborative authoring and editing
•      Visually indicate changes to a policy by tracking changes
•      Customisable approval workflows

Enable staff to initiate and track policy reviews to ensure they are understood before the policy updates are enacted.
•      Policy Managers can assign policies to users
•      Receive email notifications and reminders
•      Assign acknowledgments across multi-site organisations, as applicable

Advanced Reporting 
Evaluate and improve your policy library and frontline staff’s compliance based on statistics from usage data.
•      Most common searches 
•      Policy selected after a search 
•      Site usage over time
•      Identify gaps in policy library

By integrating RLDatix PolicyStat with other RLDatix products, the systems work together to keep policy managers informed of opportunities to develop or enhance policies. These integrations better support staff and ultimately help patients receive the best and safest care possible.

Click here to learn how effective policy management can support your patient safety efforts or contact us directly.

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