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December 8, 2020 RLDatix Marketing

Virtual Connections – UKE Edition 2020: Session Recaps  

In July 2020, we hosted our three-day virtual conferenceVirtual Connections – UKE Edition, and had the opportunity to hear from RLDatix customers about the incredible work being done at their organisations to achieve their patient safety goals as well as updates from RLDatix team members on improvements and advancements within the RLDatix offering 

We’ve recapped sessions from all three days for you to enjoy and share. From topics on learning from excellence to simplifying policy management, we have you covered. Whether you attended and want to relive all the fun or you’re watching for the first time, there’s something for everyone.   

To watch the on-demand version of Virtual Connections 2020, click here  

Day 1: Patient Safety Today 

  • Learning from Excellence (27 minutes in) Hear from Dr. Adrian Plunkett of Birmingham Women's & Children's NHS Foundation Trust to discover more about Learning from Excellence (LfE) and how it can be used to improve patient safety and team performance. The presentation will include the origins of LfE, the underlying philosophy and psychology related to LfE, how it works, how to implement LfE within healthcare (and other organisations) and some evidence to support its use. The session will also introduce the concept of safety-II. 

  • Automated Incident Reporting (57 minutes in) Optimising the event reporting process is an important measure to ensure high reporting levels and the identification of key learnings to aid improvement processes. Angeline Pieters, Patient Safety Officer at of The White-Yellow Cross West Flanders, Belgium will present an initiative that organisation has implemented to automate some of the incident reporting process, greatly increasing the number of incidents reported, whilst reducing the burden on staff and promoting learning at the same time. 

  • DatixWeb Tips & Tricks – (1 hour 24 mins in) Welcome to the DatixWeb in 2020! Discover updates and tips that you can utilise as a system manager. This session offers you a wide range of tangible tips, tricks and takeaways for you to implement within your own organisation’s system. From tips on Administration and Reporting updates to COVID-19 and form design, we’re confident you’ll walk away with plenty of ways to level up your DatixWeb user experience 

Day 2: 2020 and Beyond   

  • Introducing a new smart monitoring system (13 minutes in) Discover the new RLDatix smart monitoring system, which allows you track your organisations KPIs in a very clear and easy way. Create and monitor alarms to help you identify and address areas of concern more easily.  
  • Journey from DatixWeb to DCIQ - (44 minutes in) Richard Harrington, Information Systems Manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, showcases the journey of how Yorkshire Ambulance Service made the move from DatixWeb to DatixCloudIQ. Specifically looking at how they have built clarity and control over risk using Enterprise Risk Manager and how they have used Mortality Review to capture and learn from deaths. 

  • Intelligence in times of coronavirus – (1 hour 24 minutes in) The current COVID-19 pandemic is subjecting our healthcare systems to an extra layer of stress. COVID-19 poses an obvious infection risk, but it is also increasing the workload of the staff and changing the dynamics for other non-pandemic related treatments. All of this can have an impact on patient safety. Learn how RLDatix’s Business Intelligence tool can help mitigate this, focusing on how to extract insights from the wealth of data available, and how the new tools provide automatic mechanisms for reporting, giving the user more time to focus on important tasks, as RLDatix software will take care of those clerical aspects. 

Day 3: Customer Success  

  • Welcome to HUB – (4 minutes in) Welcome to RLDatix HUB! The global community of patient safety experts, where you can connect, learn and grow. This session will introduce you to our community platform where you can share best practices, discuss learnings in real-time and gain global industry knowledge from a support network of patient safety experts spanning 30+ years.  

  • Introducing Success Plans – (32 minutes in) Every healthcare organisation has different strategic goals, timelines and quality improvement journeys. As your plans for the system evolve, ensure you have the support to achieve your goals. RLDatix helps you on your journey to achieve just that with Success Plans. Get personalised support that not only grows with your needs but also helps your organisation accelerate their results and realise the full potential of your system.  

  • Simplifying Policy Management – (1 hour 11 minutes in) Learn about RLDatix’s document lifecycle management solutionPolicyStat. PolicyStat helps healthcare organisations streamline the management of policies, procedures and other important documents, and equips staff with the information they need at the point of care. Powerful searching, standardised content, approval workflows, cross-linking regulations to policies and advanced reporting allow users to save time and focus on delivering the best and safest care possible. 

We hope you found these sessions engaging and that you’re able to apply what you’ve learned to further support safety initiatives at your organisationIf you’re interested in hearing more about any of the customer stories shared or would like to set up time to connect with a member of the team to learn more about the RLDatix offeringclick here.  

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