The link between data visualisation and patient safety

September 15, 2020 RLDatix Marketing

Understanding complex data is never easy, but you shouldn’t have to be an analytics expert to make the most of your data. When you can visualise data in an easy to digest form, you’re better prepared to understand themes, trends and identify key areas for improvement within your healthcare organisation. 

With an incredible range of data visualisation tools, the DatixCloudIQ (DCIQ) Business Intelligence (BI) tool helps you bring your data to life by easily triangulating data across all RLDatix modules, allowing you to immediately identify patterns across all patient safety activity.

Data visualisation tools help ensure users can easily understand the significance behind collected data. These tools are designed to allow the untrained human eye to instantly spot points of interest from a wealth of data. Data visualisation tools can include:

Present data through infographics, with the relative size of each component showing the amount of records.

Instantly identify the “hot” or “cold” areas of data.

Present events and where they occur on the body

Geographical maps 
Visualise where events occur across a geographic or site map.


Basic charts and tables 
Present data through no-nonsense charts such as bar, pie and line charts.


With many elements of healthcare that are increasingly accessible and monitored through online tools, it can be challenging to have a hands-on approach with the world of data at your fingertips. Data visualisation tools available in DatixCloudIQ Business Intelligence help you make sense of the enormous wealth of quality and safety data available within your organisation!

Discover how data visualisation can help you make sense of your data by connecting with your Account Manager or contacting us through the RLDatix website.

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